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Realizing the need for a cohesive group to pursue issues relative to medical social work activities, Mrs. Libunao together with the heads of Medical Social Service, especially Metro Manila hospitals, initiated the organization of two associations for Medical Social Workers (MSWs) in 1973 – The Medical Social Workers Association of the Philippines, Inc. or MSWAPI (now AMSWPI) and the DOH League of Medical Social Workers, Inc. (DOHLMSWI). This was necessary to keep up with other disciplines like doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other professions involved in multi-disciplinary and comprehensive medical and health undertakings.


Source: Department of Health (DOH) Manual for Medical Social Workers Fifth Edition, 2010

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On December 1, 1988, Medical Social Workers Association of the Philippines, Inc. (MSWAPI) was registered to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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Source: The MSWAPI Bulletin, April 2004

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Years after, MSWAPI became inactive in the list of organizations of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and its renewal was costly. Re-application was the best option then to register the organization to SEC.

On November 19, 2003, Medical Social Workers Association of the Philippines, Inc. (MSWAPI)’s past presidents and its incumbent board of directors (officers and board members) headed by then president Mr. Rubin Z. Magno unanimously decided to rename the organization to Association of Medical Social Workers of the Philippines, Inc. (AMSWPI).


 officers-renaming board-members-renaming

After creating the new Articles of Incorporation and By-laws and endorsing it to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), PRC indorsed AMSWPI to SEC on November 17, 2004.


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On December 10, 2004, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has finally issued the new Certificate of Incorporation to the Association of Medical Social Workers of the Philippines (AMSWPI).


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On January 18, 2005, AMSWPI was registered also to Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).


The purpose/s  for which AMSWPI is incorporated are:

  1. To promote and maintain a professional standard of social work practice in the medical and/or psychiatric setting and/or health agency;

  2. To provide means and opportunities for professional training and improvement of members;

  3. To work for better understanding and acceptance of social work as a profession with specialized service in the field of medical care and/or public health;

  4. To expand professional activities of the association through more active participation of each member in the program planning, development and evaluation, as well as research and staff development work in the respective agencies, and through organization of chapters;

  5. To promote the welfare of members by working for the passage of relevant legislation affecting medical social work and the medical social workers;

  6. To help establish and maintain cordial and mutually beneficial relationships between the association and similar groups here and abroad;

  7. To cooperate with the government in carrying out and disseminating health and welfare programs and activities for the good of the public;

  8. To do all such other acts are necessary or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives or any of them provided that nothing shall be done contrary to the existing laws of the Philippines.



Researched and consolidated by:
Alvin J. Brioso, RSW 10/27/2016
AMSWPI Vice President 2016-2017
AMSWPI P.R.O. 2015-2016